Spanning nearly 14,000 square kilometers of the Northern Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas is often described as a scattered string of pearls. This could be due to the sheer number of islands or the famed white sand that frames the water’s edge; whichever it may be, it is no secret that this corner of the world is one of the most unique and arguably one of the best places to charter a private yacht.

Rose Island Day Trip (4-8 hours)

Embark on an extraordinary journey to the pristine paradise of Rose Island with our exclusive day trip, where luxury meets adventure.

Sail gracefully across the crystalline waters of the Bahamas, unveiling the untouched splendor of Rose Island Beach and captivating snorkeling reefs nestled just beneath the surface. An unspoiled haven surrounded by glistening clear seas and vibrant coral reefs, Rose Island beckons a mere 3-mile (4.8 km) boat ride from Paradise Island. As you approach these unspoiled shores, you’ll be captivated by the enchanting essence of a true castaway experience. With no public amenities or roads, rest assured that your comfort is our priority, complete with all necessities and a sumptuous Surf & Turf meal expertly crafted onboard by your personal chef.

Post-lunch, dive into the wonders of the surrounding reef through invigorating snorkeling or opt for an adrenaline-filled jet skiing adventure over the turquoise waters. Alternatively, savor a moment of tranquility with a peaceful break on the soft, white sandy beach.

Rose Island Beach Bahamas taken from the ocean

Forge enduring memories as you explore extraordinary snorkeling spots, luxuriate on powdery beaches, and revel in the turquoise oasis. Meticulously designed for guests seeking a brief yet immersive escape, our tour promises an exceptional and joyous experience. Unwind, indulge, and embrace the unparalleled beauty of Rose Island – the epitome of a perfect day in paradise!

North Exuma’s Expedition: A Full Day of Tropical Discovery (Minimum 8 Hours)

Embark on a captivating day trip departing from Nassau at 9 am, unfolding the wonders of the North Exuma’s

Highbourne Cay’s Ephemeral Islands: Renowned as the gateway to the ultimate ephemeral islands – The Exuma Cays, Highbourne Cay unfolds its secrets. Eight pristine beaches, deserted pieces of paradise within walking distance of the Marina, are among the best-kept treasures in The Bahamas.

Underwater Marvels at Normans Cay: As we sail south from Highbourne Cay, delve into the underwater realm with a snorkeling expedition at the famous Pablo Escobar Plane wreck located at Normans Cay, creating unforgettable memories amidst this tropical paradise.

This North Exumas day trip promises a seamless blend of natural wonders, marine encounters, and exclusive island experiences. Join us for a day of tropical exploration, where each destination unfolds a new chapter in the captivating story of the Bahamas.

North Exuma plane wreck in the Bahamas Ocean

Exuma’s Adventure: Staniel Cay Pigs and Shark Encounter Day Trip

Embark on an extraordinary day trip to Staniel Cay in the Exuma’s, where enchanting experiences await.

Pig Beach Extravaganza: Explore the renowned Pig Beach and encounter the captivating Bahamas Swimming Pigs. Set against the backdrop of Staniel Cay’s soft white sand beaches and the turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea, this island paradise is the epitome of Bahamian beauty. Immerse yourself in the charm of swaying palm trees and the playful antics of the Bahamas’ most famous residents – the adorable swimming pigs.

Compass Cay Shark Encounter: Our adventure extends to Compass Cay, the most northerly point of our boat excursion. Here, you’ll have the unique opportunity to swim with nurse sharks. Despite their formidable appearance, these gentle creatures are mostly harmless to humans. Delight in the thrill of an up-close encounter with these fascinating marine beings in the pristine waters surrounding Compass Cay.

Indulge in the natural splendor of Staniel Cay and its surroundings, where every moment is a postcard-worthy scene. With soft sands, crystalline waters, and the allure of both piggy playfulness and shark serenity, our day trip promises an unforgettable blend of beauty and adventure. Join us for a day of exploration, wonder, and awe in the stunning Exuma’s.

Shark Feeding off of dock in the Bahamas

Meeks Patch Pigs Day Trip

(Subject to availability)

See a side of the Bahamas that many visitors miss on this full-day tour from Nassau. In the morning, hop aboard your vessel and set sail. Venture first to Meeks Patch Island, famously home to a group of wild, swimming pigs. Meet and feed the pigs and admire the beautiful beaches.  These swimming pigs love interacting with humans

We traverse the tranquil waters of North Eleuthera and Meeks Patch, located just 49 miles away from Nassau, to Swim with the Pigs in one of our most beautiful islands.

Shark Feeding off of dock in the Bahamas

Harbour Island Day Trip

(Subject to availability)

Harbour Island is a small island, at its widest, approximately .5 miles running east and west and 3.25 miles north and south. The island is known for having one of the best beaches in the Bahamas according to travel magazines.  View the amazing pink sand beaches and peaceful tranquility of Harbour Island on this fantastic adventure. 

Harbour Island has become an Out-Island hotspot, loved by locals and tourists alike; with its picturesque colorful clapboard houses, colonial charm and genuinely friendly people.

Harbour Island, Bahamas, PInk Sand beach with footprints

Kamalame Cay Day Trip (8 Hours)

Scattered across 97 acres of flowering jungle, coconut palm groves, and deserted white sand beaches, an isolated island paradise Kamalame Cay blends barefoot luxury and laid-back charm with untouched tropical splendor and the ultimate in privacy. 

Idyllic and isolated, this oasis of breathtaking natural beauty wraps ocean adventure and island romance in the luxury of a private island experience.

Shark Feeding off of dock in the Bahamas

Chub Cay Day Trip

(Subject to availability)

Chub Cay is a private island paradise in the southern tip of the Berry Islands, Bahamas with full resort and marina amenities.  Legendary throughout the world for sport fishing and diving, Chub Cay also has miles of sandy beaches and a protected harbor.

Chub Cay has been the exclusive retreat for a very select membership. Building on this unique heritage, Chub Cay treasures and protects this legacy of natural beauty, tradition, and world-class recreation.

Shark Feeding off of dock in the Bahamas

Day 1:  Nassau

Start your private getaway the marina in Nassau. Here you will meet your crew, board your yacht, head out to explore the surrounding area and have lunch on board. You may visit Atlantis, which is a vacationer’s dream come true. By day, enjoy the shops and cafes; by night, try your hand at the casino. Best of all, make time to relax on the beach and get acquainted with the many amenities offered at Atlantis.

Day 2: Highbourne Cay 

Steam your way to Highbourne Cay! You will feel awake and refreshed after a midday swim or a leisurely stroll on the beautiful beach. Go to Allen’s Cay in the afternoon to see iguanas lounging in their natural habitat; this is a rare refuge for the iguanas, so look but don’t touch! Let the captain steer you toward Shroud Cay in the evening where you will have dinner and drinks on board and anchor overnight.

Day 3: Shroud Cay

Soak up the sun and fun at Shroud Cay as you make your way around its interesting landscape. Shroud Cay is known for its great beach and hiking trails. The Shroud Cay creek system is distinct, and it is best experienced by dinghy. Use the yacht’s tender to meander through the creeks while taking in the natural beauty of this cay. Return to the yacht in the afternoon and cruise back to Nassau.

Day 1: Highbourne Cay & Norman’s Cay

Iguana Beach, snorkelling

Day 2: Compass Cay

Nurse Sharks, Snorkel the Aquarium, Rachels Bath, Waderick Wells Cay (Whale ‘museum’ and a little hike through the national park)

Day 3: Staniel Cay

Swimming pigs at Big Major Spot (anchor here), Thunderball Grotto, Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Sandbars

Day 4: Green Cay & Rose Island

Swim with the turtles, snorkel

Day 1: Nassau New Providence Island and Rose Island

All guests arrive into Nassau, New Providence Island. Once on the boat, you can enjoy an excellent lunch served by your own private Chef and get settled in.  That afternoon you can play in the water snorkeling or jet skilling around Rose Island or take a stroll around Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.  That evening, your yacht would depart late that evening for an overnight run to Allens Cay and our first stop in the Exumas.

Day 2: Allens Cays and Highbourne Cay

Wake up to the beautiful clear blue water of the Exumas! With all of our water toys at your disposal, enjoy a morning of relaxing in the sun, swimming and seabobing.

After breakfast, a short tender ride will have you ashore to see the famous “and legally protected” Allen’s Cay Iguanas. This is one of the few places that you are likely to see these jurasic looking but friendly creatures. They are familiar with people coming to see them and will happily accept fruit or vegetable snacks. Back to the yacht for some water sports fun and lunch onboard. During lunch, the yacht will relocate to Highborne Cay, just a few short miles away. Another short tender ride will have you ashore in the lovely Highbourne Cay Marina where there are often nurse sharks hanging around near the fish cleaning station. If you fancy taking a walk over to the East side of the Island you will discover one of the finest beaches in the Exumas. Enjoy a drink at the Xuma’s restaurant before heading back to the yacht to relax.

Day 3: Norman’s Cay & Shroud Cay

After an early morning relocation, the yacht will anchor at south end of Norman’s Cay. Weather permitting, take the tender to Norman’s Pond for a morning of tender based snorkeling and swimming  in the natural lagoon of Norman’s Pond. There is a sunken aircraft that can be seen semi submerged at the south end of the Island and this is also a great snorkeling location.

Head back to the yacht to relax after an active morning and enjoy some of the stewardess’s specialty cocktails. During lunch, the yacht will relocate again to Shroud Cay for an afternoon of relaxing and/or water sports. Explore the mangrove channels on this unique island on a paddleboard or relax on one of the many pristine sheltered beaches. Watch the sun go down from your own patch of paradise before heading back to your yacht for the evening. Back onboard enjoy another fine culinary creation for dinner followed by some drinks under the stars. During the evening, the yacht will relocate to Pipe Cay which is about a 2½ hour cruise.

Day 4: Pipe Cay & Compass Cay

Today the crew will set up a base on the beach at Pipe Cay where you can enjoy a beautiful sheltered little bay with great snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing. Take a tender ride to Rachel’s Bubble Bath at the north end of Compass Cay where you can swim in a natural lagoon surrounded by rocks and that is flushed by the ocean waves at high tide. More adventurous guests might like to jump into the lagoon from the rocks at the side. There will also be a tender ride to visit the famous Compass Cay Marina which is like a natural aquarium. Nurse sharks, eagle rays and an array of different fish & turtles frequent the marina where they know they are likely to find food. Swim with the sharks and at high tide you can pet them as they chill out on the dock. This place is truly one of the wonders of the Exumas and a truly unique place!

Day 5: Big Majors Spot & Staniel Cay

After breakfast, take a stunning tender ride through the islands from Pipe Cay to Big Majors Spot, home of the famous swimming pigs. During the tender ride you will be able to explore the many channels between the islands, take a stroll on the exposed sandbars at low tide or simply sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery and crystal-clear turquoise waters. At the end of the cruise you will visit the swimming pigs of Big Majors Spot. The crew will have some tasty snacks for you to feed the pigs, who love to swim out to the boats for a tasty reward! Return to the yacht for lunch before a stroll ashore to Staniel Cay and a trip to the Thunderball Cave. If you feel brave, climb up to the top of the rock and jump through the hole, James Bond style, into the lagoon below. During or after dinner onboard, the yacht will relocate to Hawksbill Cay which is about 2½ hours to the north.

Day 6: Sail to Shroud Cay

Eat lunch on board and then use your yacht’s tender to roam the creeks that are here in this northernmost part of the Exuma Land & Sea Park. Lay on the beach! Take a hike. Soak it all up on your last full day before heading back to Nassau

Day 7: Nassau Departure

Breakfast onboard and some time to explore the Atlantis resort, if you didn’t get a chance to do so at the beginning of the trip. Then it’s time to say goodbye to new-found friends, until next time!