Motor Yacht Julianne Crew

Our crew’s professionalism and attention to detail are only matched by their ability to bring you an exceptional charter experience. Each of our crews has a unique background and range of experiences. Your crew’s goal is providing an unforgettable vacation for everyone aboard.

Yacht Julianne captain Khalil Bethel profile image

Captain: Khalil Bethel

Khalil began his yachting career on a worldwide cruising vessel and is now fortunate to travel and show you around the islands he calls home, The Bahamas. He has worked on yachts up to 258 ft and has Captain experience on 240 ft. Khalil is also a dive instructor and enjoys flying single engine planes, gardening, and archery. You will feel at ease by Khalil’s attention to safety and his professionalism.

Yacht Julianne mate Caleb Johnson profile image

Mate: Caleb Johnson

Caleb, originally from The Bahamas, grew up on boats and was around the water his whole life. He has extensive experience working on Bahamas based yachts, so he is your go to guy with questions about the area and islands you are exploring. His interests and hobbies include cars, farming, and heavy equipment. Caleb enjoys meeting new people and giving charter guests an unforgettable experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

Yacht Julianne stewardess Tiana Capron profile image

Stewardess: Tiana Capron

Tiana was born and raised on the beautiful island of New providence in The Bahamas. Naturally, she loves the ocean so a career in yachting was fitting. Tiana loves showing the beauty of The Bahamas with the stunning shades of ocean blue guests will see every time the yacht crosses to a different island. In her spare time, you can find her reading oceanside on the beach with New York’s best seller novel in hand. Tiana’s specialty is making the world’s best Pina Coladas! She strives to provide exceptional service and is dedicated to making your JUILANNE experience top notch.

yacht Starting Over Chef Niki Lightbourne

Chef: Niki Lightbourne

Niki, originally from The Bahamas, is a fifteen-year veteran of the culinary industry at home in The Bahamas and abroad. Her impressive background includes experience in private chef execution, commercial food production, and a passion for the documentation and preservation of Bahamian Culinary Culture.

Niki’s career has been filled with amazing opportunities to broaden my culinary knowledge through travel and immersion in other food cultures. The thing she treasures the most is being able to express my culture through the dishes that she creates.